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Until very recently, farmers and agricultural advisory services have been under undue pressure to take out adequate professional indemnity (PI) cover, owing to the lengthy and detailed application process demanded by insurers. Now, insurance broker Trafalgar Risk Management (TRM) only requires applicants for professional indemnity cover to provide their turnover, number of staff and occupation.

Managing director Kelvin Wheat explains: “We ask just six underwriting questions, and if the answers meet with insurers’ satisfaction, you are covered. Payment can be made by credit card, BACS or via premium funding, spreading the premium over a 10-month period. By working solely online, our administrative costs are thereby reduced, bringing down the cost of the insurance itself.”

Farming association operators face many forms of agricultural risks for which they may be held responsible, and against which PI insurance will cover them. Contractor errors for example impacting your business employed by your farm may run into hundreds of thousands of pounds and would be covered under a PI policy from TRM.

Launched in 1995 by Mr Wheat, TRM was soon recognised as a pioneer in the PI market, notably in the simplification of both cost and administration of this type of insurance.

The cover is available with premium funding from


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