Our schemes are designed for individuals and companies who want to protect themselves against claims from clients who may take legal action due to negligent acts, errors and omissions made by you.

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Please find below the list of policies that can be purchased from us from inception, renewal or anytime during the year.

Professional Indemnity

If you are providing a service to a client, then that client has the right to rely on you having the appropriate knowledge & skills to be able to perform the services being contracted. If you fail in providing the necessary knowledge or skills or show a lack of duty of care towards the client which causes a financial loss, they may look to recover their losses by taking you to court. Our Professional Indemnity policy would respond to these allegations and act on your behalf to negotiate a reasonable settlement.

Even if you have not been negligent, the legal costs alone in proving your innocence can run into the thousands and again, your Professional Indemnity policy would cover the legal costs. Subject of course always to the policy terms and conditions.

Our policy includes:

Choice of limits from £50,000 to £2,000,000

Any One Claim and/or Aggregate cover available

Full civil liability cover

Worldwide cover excl. USA/Canada, their Dominions or Protectorates

Loss of documents

Public Liability

Public Liability covers your legal liability to pay compensation for injury to third parties, or damage to third party property caused in connection to your business.

For example, if a customer slips and trips while on your business premises and injures themselves or, if you are visiting a client premises and damage their computer by spilling your coffee onto it, those third parties can look to sue you for recompense.

Our policy includes:

Limits of £1M, £2M and £5 available

Any one Claim cover

Employer's Liability

Employers' liability insurance is a legal requirement under the Employers’ Liability Act 1969 and protect your employees if they are injured or become ill because of working for your business.

The policy covers the damages, compensation costs and legal fees that a current or ex-employee is entitled to because of illness or injury which may have been caused while working for your business.

Our policy includes:

A limit of indemnity of £10,000,000

Home Office Contents

Our home office contents, computer equipment and portable equipment policy is designed to cover the assets of your business. In many cases, home contents policies will not cover property relating to or owned by a business and in these circumstances, our home office contents, and computer equipment cover picks up these exposures.

The policy insures the cost of repair or replacement to office contents, office computer equipment and portable equipment. Business interruption insurance is not included.

Legal Expenses

Your business faces many challenges daily and from time-to-time unforeseen problems emerge. Essential Business Legal provides professional legal and financial support. For example, you can get a legal healthcheck, keep up to date with health & safety legislation, get access to free employment documentation and other business documents, resolve problems with neighbours, suppliers, customers or between business partners. Your executive team can benefit from a suite of additional covers.

Our policy includes:

Employment disputes & compensation

Employment restrictive covenants

Tax disputes


Personal injury

Executive suite

Crisis communication

Legal defence

Compliance & regulation

Statutory licence appeals

Loss of earnings

Optional cover:

Contract & debt

Legal advice and tax helplines available – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Optimum Cyber Plus covers you following a Cyber Event (defined as unauthorised access, an operator error, a denial-of-service attack, or the introduction of any malware, including ransomware) into or against your network or any cloud provider with whom you have a written contract.

Our policy includes:

Re-instatement of your data

Loss of your gross profit caused by the Cyber Event

A specialist IT forensic company to investigate the cause and scope of the Cyber Event

£10,000 for e-theft

Following your loss of third-party data or a breach of any privacy legislation worldwide (a Data Liability Event):

Defence Costs, we will appoint a specialist law firm to defend you

A specialist IT forensic company to investigate what data has been compromised

Costs to notify data subjects if this is required by legislation or considered necessary to protect your reputation

A Public Relations Company to protect and mitigate any damage to your reputation

In addition, where this data relates to credit or debit card information:

Credit monitoring costs for affected individuals

Any fines and penalties that you are required to pay by the Payment Card Industry as well as Assessment Costs that includes fraudulent transactions for which you are liable.

Vehicle GAP

If you're thinking about buying a vehicle, you may want to consider purchasing Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) insurance too.

The moment you buy a vehicle, its value starts to decrease. Different vehicles depreciate at different rates, but whichever make and model you choose, no matter how old the vehicle is, depreciation is likely to knock off a proportion of the original price, particularly during the first few years.

If you are in an accident or your vehicle is stolen, and your motor insurer deems your vehicle a write off, they will compensate you to the amount that your vehicle was worth at the time of the loss - also known as 'market value'. Because of depreciation, this will be lower than the price you paid.

GAP insurance can cover you against this, filling the 'gap' between the vehicle's market value (what it would cost if put on the market just before the accident) and the vehicle's value when you purchased it, as well as any outstanding finance debts, if applicable.

Our policy includes:

Finance & Contract Hire GAP / Combined RTI/GAP cover available

Vehicles up to £150,000 accepted

Limits of £25,000, £50,000, or Unlimited (pending cost of vehicle) available

Up to 5 years cover can be purchased up front


Quality smartphones or tablets are expensive, and their loss can have a massive impact on your wallet - not to mention the inconvenience of not having a mobile phone or tablet to use in your daily life. Moreover, many gadgets come as part of contracts signed with service providers. For example, if you've got an iPhone by agreeing to sign a contract, you’ll have to keep paying for it even when you damage or lose your phone.

Our policy covers your gadgets against:

Accidental damage

Liquid damage

Mechanical damage

Theft replacement

Lost replacement

Unauthorised usage

Worldwide cover

We try to ensure your entire buying experience from us is as quick and easy as possible. Below outlines how to move from quoting to downloading your documents in minutes.


It takes seconds to obtain a quote.

We only ask questions that allow us to provide you with a quote. Requesting details that can be used for demographic purposes later is not how we operate. Because of this, we don’t save or store quotes and if you want to obtain a quote from us and then look around, please do. When you return, it will take seconds to input your details again.

Our professional indemnity quote will be based on a specific limit of indemnity, which will be clearly visible. You can change this limit if you want, and our system will automatically requote your premium.

In addition to quoting professional indemnity, our system will also quote a premium for legal expenses, public & employers’ liability and cyber, based on the details you entered into our quote engine. If you want to include any of these policies in your package, simply click on the check box next to the policy required. You can then amend the limit of indemnity if desired. Our Home Office Contents/Computer Equipment and Portable Equipment policy will only quote a premium after you enter the relevant sums insured you require.

To buy cover, simply click the BUY NOW button.


We use a quick and easy application form, based along the same lines as our quote section. We only ask questions insurers need to accept your cover.

Our application consists of 5 or 6 pages, depending on whether you selected employers’ liability. These are:

About You – basic contact details.

Application – up to a dozen yes/no check box questions used by insurers to accept your cover.

Confirmation – confirms your company and contact details, along with the details of the package of insurances you are purchasing. It also displays the premium again for you to see and asks you to confirm you have read, understood, and agree to our various important documents, which includes the policy wording and summary of the covers you are buying.

Payment – outlines the payment options available. These will include credit card, BACS (bank transfer) and, in some cases, premium funding.

Certificates – if you pay by credit card or premium funding, you will be able to access your document instantly. If you choose to pay by bank transfer (BACS), your documents will be available once your premium has been received into our bank account.

ELTO – this is an additional page that will only display if you have employees, and you include employers’ liability in your package. As part of the UK government rules, we need to collect certain data from you, which is sent to insurers for uploading into the governments employer’s database.


If your application is accepted by insurers (you will see the process, which takes seconds) you are immediately covered.

If you pay by credit card or premium funding, you can view, print and/or download your policy documents instantly, using our secure My Trafalgar portal. You will be sent login details to access the My Trafalgar portal in our website, which is where we store your documents.

Client’s paying by BACS will be able to access their documents using the same My Trafalgar portal, once their premium has been received by us in our bank account. If payment is not received within fourteen (14) days of your application being accepted, cover will lapse ab initio (as if cover never existed) and a new application will need to be completed if cover is required.

If you choose employers’ liability as part of your package and you do not complete the ELTO page of our application, you will not be able to view, print or download your documents until that page is completed. As we need to send your ERN details to the UK authorities, this information must be obtained before we can release your documents.

We have been insuring SMEs, Contractors and members of affinity groups for more than 25 years. Below are a few reasons why using us makes sense.

Ease of use

We ask a few, basic questions before providing a quote. This minimises your time when looking around to buy cover for you or your company.

Our application process takes around 5 minutes to complete. We only ask for information pertinent to your insurance requirements and nothing more.

Broad scope of professions/cover

We can insure over 160 professions; all using the same quote and apply process.

For each profession we can offer our full range of products, which are:

Professional Indemnity.

Public Liability.

Employers’ liability.

Home Office Contents, Computer Equipment and Portable Equipment.

Legal Expenses.


Secure access

You have access to your documentation 24/7 – 365 days a year via our secure My Trafalgar portal.

You are recommended to change your My Trafalgar password to ensure security is as high as possible.

Affinity Group specialists

We have been insuring members of affinity groups since 1995.

The affinity groups we insure are wide ranging – from bookkeepers to health & safety consultants to dental nurses to interior designers.

We have covered IT Contractors and Management Consultants for more than 25 years, including umbrella companies.

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