What is Legal Expenses Cover and why should a Biologist buy it?

As a biologist, you may encounter various legal challenges in your work, and having legal expenses insurance could help cover the costs associated with legal representation, consultation, and court fees, providing peace of mind and financial protection.


The policy being offered to RSB members provides you with the ability to overcome a range of common issues, from:

-       Requiring expert legal advice quickly (with a 24-hour advice phone line).

-       A dispute with an employee that escalates and cannot be resolved.

-       If you receive a notice of an enquiry from your governing body or into your tax or VAT returns.

-       A Health & Safety Inspection that ends with a threat to prosecute your business.

-       Your business attracts adverse publicity which threatens to damage your reputation and your need PR advice.


ARAG PLC, the insurer that we are partnered with, are offering two levels of cover:

1.     Legal Expenses – Excluding Contract & Debt

2.     Legal Expenses – Including Contract & Debt*


*Any kind of dispute or problem with a supplier or customer can have a significant impact on your business. If this happens, ARAG PLC will help you to resolve the situation as quickly as possible and pay any legal costs involved. Problems with cashflow are very common and making sure your customers pay promptly is essential. If you have a late payment issue, ARAG PLC will negotiate to resolve the situation as quickly as possible.


Having the second option of legal expenses ‘Including Contract and Debt’ can help overcome the fear of not being able to recover fees and invoices from your clients. Therefore, having legal expenses insurance can be beneficial for a biologist by providing protection, peace of mind, and access to legal support 24 hours a day.

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